determined to be a wicked girl saving herself

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never dared a backwards look
Player: Aubrey (inthemortalcity)
AIM: meant to care
Availability: I'm on EST, but that's useless, because my sleep schedule sucks. Luckily, unless I'm sleeping, I'm online, and if you see me logged into AIM, I won't mind being contacted.
Notes: Slowtime/backtagging/whatever you want to call it is awesome. I'm also cool with bendytime (wherein several characters reply to a post and they all somehow happen and it's really best if you don't think too much about the timeline...).
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You can also contact me in the comments of this post if AIM or email doesn't work for you.

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let the winter make its mark
When they ask you what befell me, say my story is not done...Collapse )

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never dared a backwards look
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And she once had her head in the clouds, but she died on the ground...Collapse )

never dared a backwards look
Any comments on my portrayal of Prentiss or RPing in general can be left here. Anon is on, IP logging is off, and comments are screened (but may be unscreened so I can respond if I need clarification on something).

[App] babylonwood
never dared a backwards look
And the rules that we live by are simple and clear: Be wicked and lovely, and don't live in fear.Collapse )


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